Thursday, November 17, 2011

Richmond, VA - precious Savannah, sweet little Jack Russel -- deaf and now blind, needs a new home.

WHO AM I? My name is Savannah. You see, I haven't been able to hear since I was born, and now I've gone blind. But I'm a happy dog and I can be your best friend. I just need a little extra attention.... not much. If you give me a chance, I'll show you so much love. I can find my food and water, and I can even use a doggie door. But I'm not too good with stairs. Please read more about me below. Name: Savannah, purebred Jack Russel Terrier, 15 lbs, housebroken; gets along with other dogs; possible allergy to grain.
WHERE AM I? Richmond, VA
HOW CAN YOU HELP ME? Please contact if you can help find me a good home.

SAVANNAH'S STORY: *From M: "Back to square one! We were all set to build a doggie ramp but then the owner decided that Savannah, a 6 yr. old deaf dog who has only gone blind in the last 4 months, needs to go to a new home because they really cannot afford to keep her. What made them realize this was that she started itching a lot in her rump area and is biting the hair off. I told them to put her on that grain free dog food they have at Costco that is 35 lbs. for $35. It sounds like a grain allergy. She is only about 15 pounds and is friendly, housebroken, and gets along with other dogs. She lives with another small dog, Peyton. Savannah lives in Richmond, Va."

*From the owner: "good day...i have a jack russel that has gone blind...she was born deaf and we saved her from destruction because she was the pick of the litter but because she was deaf the breeder was gonna have her put that she has gone blind she can no longer go down the back deck steps the use the rest room....if i was healthy, i could take her down the steps to do that but i am in a tough cancer fight and i do not have the strength to do that as i can hardly do it for there an organization out there that would take her and NOT put her down? she really is a sweetheart and finds her food and water with no problem, she even finds the doggie door to the back deck, she just doesn't go down the steps so she does her business on the back deck....i really want to find her a good home as she deserves more than i can give her.... thank you in advance...." 

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