Friday, November 11, 2011

Danville, VA :: Two senior dogs lost their home when elderly owner taken to a nursing home. Transport available

A heartbreaking and all too common tale of the elderly -- humans and animals. Please help these 2 in any way you can.
*From Anita: These two dogs (out of 3) were left at the Franklin County Pound Tuesday after their owner entered a nursing home.  One dog has been killed.  They are scared and nervous and need help fast.  We have met them and they have nice personalities.  Please share their story and their pictures.  We are in a race for time because theirs is up.  They can be killed at any time. The information that we have on them is limited.  We have been told they are about 10 years old.  Please help us help them live out the rest of their lives somewhere safe.

    Imagine that you wake up one morning, and the person you love most in the world hugs your neck, waves a tearful good-bye, gets into a car and disappears down the road.  You worry because something in her voice was different this time, not like when she would drive to the grocery store only to return a couple of hours later with a bag of food for you. 
    This time, a lot of hours pass, and she doesn’t come back.  Someone you don’t know very well comes to the house to feed you dinner.  They say words you don’t understand the meaning of – nursing home, no other choice. 
    A day passes, and that same person comes back.  Only this time, he puts you in the back of his car and drives you to a place you’ve never been to before. 
    He gets you out of the car.  A nice lady walks up and tells him that older dogs don’t have a very good chance of getting adopted here.  You wonder what adopted is.  You hear the man tell the nice lady that his sister went to a nursing home and you belonged to her.  He can’t take care of you.  The nice lady looks sad. 
     The man gets in the car without you and drives off. Another person you don’t know comes out and leads you to what looks like a cage with a concrete floor.  She puts you inside and closes the door. 
There are a lot of dogs here, most of them younger than you.  You’re 10 – 70 in people years.  Some of the dogs are barking.  You hear the anxiousness in their barks, and you start to shake.  You wonder why the person you love went away, and what you did wrong to be left here. 
Anita Scott 
Franklin County Humane Society Volunteer 

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