Monday, October 24, 2011

UPDATE: 7 day foster needed for Stella and Arson 11/21- 11/28

Hello everyone! Stella and Arson need to find a foster home for 7 days Nov 21st through the 28th. The kennel is booked for that week and then they can go back. Does anyone know of anyone who would be able to do this? Please let me know. Thank you!

Jacksonville, FL - A cry for help - young pregnant woman loses job, home.  Desperate for temporary re-homing for her pets as she gets back on her feet after job loss.  Read her story here >
Good news Update: A local kennel has agreed to take both dogs until January $16.00 a day and the kennel set up a Chip In for the money. Every dollar can help her keep her dogs safe until she can take them home again. No amount is too small...Sixteen $1.00 donations keeps them safe another day

Chip In:

A note from Kristina:  I want to thank everyone for all the help. I'm not sure what would have happened to
them if God had not sent people like you all my way. I am very thankful for every penny that is donated to ave my babies. My goal is to have them out by middle January. And if anymore blessing come my way maybe even sooner! I will always give thanks to anyone who is or has helped us. I promise you one thing all of you will remain in my thoughts and heart! I never thought my dream was going to come true and that I would be able to wake up to ALL of my family one day again! God bless everyone!

A note from Devon (who set up the Chip In):  I just wanted to give you all an update on Stella & Arson. Both dogs have been vaccinated and Stella has been spayed. Stella is doing fine after her surgery.Yesterday they were brought to Creature Comforts to be boarded. They have to be in seperate kennels for 10 days, so Stella can heal. Hauline, at Creature Comforts, made sure they had kennels right next to each other, so they wouldn't feel alone. When I spoke to Hauline, she had nothing but nice things to say about Kristina and her fiance(the owners). She said they were such a sweet couple.

 Kristina had nothing but nice things to say about the kennel and Hauline also. She said it is very neat and clean and they were very nice to her. She knows her dogs are in good hands and feels comfortable leaving her furbabies there.
 I paid the kennel $400.00 for boarding up until Nov 21st. I will be emailing you all a copy of the receipt when I receive it in the mail. We are still collecting donations for boarding up until the middle of January. If anything changes on this I will let you know.
 Thank you all again for your generosity and warm hearts. With these donations you have saved two dogs from being seperated from their owners. It's wonderful to see a group of strangers come together to help someone they have never met.You all have a special place in my heart. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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