Monday, May 30, 2011


Wonderful News! (a note from Jeanette) My bald little foster Pit Bull, Lucky, who was horribly neglected & abused has found his perfect Forever Home! Lucky's new Mom, Rebecca, could not be a more perfect fit. Rebecca sadly lost her Pit Bull (a tripod), Teddy, to cancer earlier this month, just one month shy of his 11th birthday.  Rebecca saw Lucky on a rescue website and told me she kept coming back to his sweet face, a face only a mother could love. Lucky now has the life he deserves with lots of love, a very nice home, a shady, back yard, goes for walks, rides in the car and even gets to sleep in bed! He is receiving excellent medical care and continues to get better with each day. His new nickname is 'Little Piggy'. To those of you who were fortunate enough to have met Lucky, and to those of you who assisted in cross-posting and networking to get his story out, I sincerely want to thank you for your time, encouragement and support in helping Lucky to find his new Forever Home with Rebecca.  He is truly a 'Lucky Dog'
Thank you everybody, Jeanette
Jeanette, we couldn't be happier - thanks for sharing Lucky's 'Little Piggy's heartwarming rescue with us.

My new name is LUCKY. Not sure I had one before now. You see, I've been imprisoned in a 3'x3' cage. Its the only place I've known for 8 years in all kinds of bad weather, storms and hurricanes, cold winters, blistering summers. My mother was shot in front of me when I was younger. I'm not sure why these people did this us. And then someone put me in a shelter. But you know what? These wonderful people rescued me and I'm learning that there are good people who are teaching me about love. I can walk on a leash now, and sit, lay down and I can shake your hand. If you give me a home, I'll give you all the love I have. I don't get along with other dogs, so it would be better if I can be the only one in your life. I'll curl up on your lap and promise to be loyal and good. I've heard them say I have a sweet disposition despite all that I've been through. Name: LUCKY - Dog; Male; Mixed Breed; Age: 8 y/o; Special conditions: Needs to stay inside away from direct sunlight; Small patches of peach fuzz fur are starting to grow; Needs a single dog foster/home.
WHERE AM I? Naples, Florida
HOW CAN YOU HELP ME? Please contact: Jeanette 

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