Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Daily Tail

Please check out the wonderful online article about our Sussex Hounds in The Daily Tail ( We're very grateful to Daniela for all her help. This is a brief statement from her blog to let you know what she's all about:
The Daily Tail is a daily blog about Daniela Caride’s life with three dogs, three cats, her husband and the countless other animals she meets. Daniela’s life is all about animals. She walks her own dogs, dog sits for others and volunteers for animal programs. When Daniela is not picking up poop, buying pet food, or studying somebody’s training methods, she’s usually writing. One thing is for sure — she never runs out of material. That’s why The Daily Tail includes dog and cat stories from Daniela and other writers. The blog also carries reviews, fun posts as well as tips on health, safety and how to have a pet on a budget.
Please take time to browse around her blog - its time well spent. Thank you Daniela!!

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