Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hamilton, IL: WHCR Transport help fundraiser! Youcaring Fundraiser

Please help us continue to save them!!
Hancock County Dog Pound, Hancock County, IL http://www.youcaring.com/west-hancock-canine-rescue-381365
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Needing help with our ongoing transport expenses

We are asking for help with our fuel costs that are the lifeline for hundreds of very deserving animals from our rural animal controls throughout the tri-state area (West Central IL, Northeast MO, Southeast IA).
We Need Your Help!!
Thank you, Anissa Sadeghi-West Hancock Canine Rescue

You may donate using link above or through the Donation Widget at the top left of our Hearts to the Rescue Blog at http://www.heartstotherescue.com/. This widget is directly linked to YouCaring.com.

Monday, July 6, 2015


9-8-15:  Noah now has a wonderful new home!

July 6, 2015 NOAH NEEDS a SAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!! AKA Church Kitty!
Originally called " Church Kitty" due to him being abandoned in a carrier at a Church... His story was hopeful after he was taken in... albeit an attic... he was safe... FUNDS were raised to have him FULLY VETTED and Neutered and Tested...and we even found a temporary foster who would take him in directly from the vet's office... Today named NOAH...
Noah needs a HOME...he is a sweet boy whose history we do not know...he has been through tremendous stress and doesn't fully trust...yet! His foster home is not going to work for him b/c the woman is rarely home...she has many pets of her own to care for AND at the midnight hour, her sister needs to move in for a month or so with her 7 cats!!! He butts his head and loves petting...until he doesn't...and then he will give a little growl...he is not a lap cat as of now but his transporter <https://www.facebook.com/barbara.dornau> Barbara Dornau who was with him for an entire day feels that he could become one... What we do know is that Noah needs a deserves a home...a HOME where he will be loved for who he is...around 2 years young...he is a healthy little guy who has been though a lot! IF a shelter becomes the only option...he will NEVER be adopted. Please contact tssh1@optonline.net (Trudy)

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Smithtown, Long Island, NY **Only One Year Olds...Domestic Violence Case...Owner forced to Move where she cannot take the cats now...They have until MONDAY JULY 6!!

Two fur-babies literally dodging cars on a busy street! Owner victim of domestic violence.

July 4, 2015
Smithtown, Long Island, NY **Only One Year Olds...Domestic Violence
Case...Owner forced to Move where she cannot take the cats now...They have
until MONDAY JULY 6!!

*From Diane Madden: "S.O.S.!! (Smithtown, NY) Most rescuers would agree, no matter where you travel, animals in urgent need seem to find you. I made a stop on my way to eastern LI, only to observe two gorgeous, long haired beauties running around a Smithtown neighborhood (literally dodging cars on a busy street!).

As it turns out, their owner is relocating this Monday, finding refuge from a domestic violence situation. She has been caring for these two cats since their birth (May 2014) and devastated that the safe place she has found for her children will not accept her fur-babies. They've been

spay/neutered, but she's exhausted every possibility to find a safe place for them. Please, share these siblings. They're only ONE year old and highly adoptable with their fuzz-ball tails, but cannot compete with "kittens" and holiday timing is against them, too. They love to be held like babies. Please, help find a safe HOME OR reputable organization that will promote these angels and carefully screen for the best "INDOOR ONLY" homes possible.

Contact Diane Madden PLEASE! hope4dogs@optonline.net
This is a tough weekend to place such an urgent case~! SWEET HEART
Kitties...True Lap cats!!
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