Thursday, February 19, 2015

Long Island, NY ***YOUNG BELLA DESERVES a Long HAPPY LIFE*** Medical Treatment Needed for Early Aggressive Cancer Diagnosis***

Only 6 months in her Forever home and Bella has been diagnosed with Cancer. Her new family recently lost both of their other dogs to costly illnesses and now heartbroken are asking for your donations to save their Bella.

From Ashley O'Neil a Rescue Angel and Friend...

Donation link:

Young Bella was just diagnosed with Cancer...Early Diagnosis is a Saving Grace but without Funds it won't matter...

Six months ago, Bella was given up by the only family she had ever known. They didn't like that she didn't bark and that she shed everywhere. They kept her locked up in the kitchen and never let her run free.

Luckily for Bella, she was adopted by a wonderful family who absolutely adore her. They were heartbroken about putting their last dog to sleep due to cancer just a few months prior to them adopting Bella. They were very excited to get a young, healthy, beautiful dog, who would be a great addition to their family and a wonderful playmate for their other dog .

This week, Bella, who is only two years old ,was diagnosed with lymphoma of the stomach. Unfortunately, due to the fact that she is so young, the cancer is very aggressive. The same day that Bella was diagnosed with cancer, Bella's owner had to rush her other senior dog into the vet and have him euthanized.

The family is absolutely beside themselves and feel helpless .The medical bills for her two late dogs were astronomical , as they did everything in their power to save them .Now, Bella's family is being hit with more medical bills that they cannot afford .They want to be able to do everything in their power to give Bella the chance to live a long, happy, healthy life.

Bella's medical bills will include x-rays, sonograms, medication, chemo, radiation, consultations at the oncologist, and different forms of treatment. We are hoping that if everyone bands together, we can raise the money to give Bella every opportunity to live the life she truly deserves. Any amount will help and is greatly appreciated. To donate, please click on that you caring link below. Please share, thank you !"

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

NEW PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huntington, Long Island: 12 Year Boy ASHES Needs a Loving HOME! VERY LOVING KITTY!!! $500 Offer to Approved HOME!!!

Feb 11 *** $500 To Approved HOME *** Not Even One Inquiry??????????

February 10th ***UPDATE***Time crunch is UPON US NOW for ASHES...A generous, kind friend has offered $500 to APPROVED HOME for the Future Care of ASHES...who is perfectly healthy, by the way! Fine with dogs.

Feb 2 UPDATE: No offers at all for this sweet old boy. His owner passed away, and now his current home isn't working out, please help this boy soon before he's homeless.

Jan 24, 2015 - If you are someone, or know someone, who wants a single, sweet cuddle bug kitty...PLEASE consider **ASHES**
**ASHES*** Needs a HOME as an ONLY KITTY...FINE with DOGS!!!
LOVE BUG with HUMANS but just can't tolerate other cats...
He is 12 and MUST find another GOOD HOME!!!...
Poor Ashes has been through so much and is now looking for another retirement home. After his owner passed away, he went into another forever home with his siblings. Sadly, he is not adjusting well and needs to be re-homed. This sweet senior is 12 years old, spayed, UTD on his shots, is VERY affectionate with people, but would do best being the only cat or in a home with another submissive cat. He doesn't do well with multiple cats or with cats that are dominant. Not only is the new owner giving him up because the cats aren't getting along, but she is also moving and the clock is ticking. Please share this beautiful boy, he needs a loving, compassionate owner who will provide him with unconditional love. He is currently located in Huntington, New York. He also gets along well with dogs.

If you are interested in giving this sweet Senior a retirement home, please contact road to home Rescue at

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Long Island, NY* 16 Beautiful Cats living in Squalor...Desperately Seeking Help for them!

Feb 5, 2015

A VERY Urgent, Desperate Plea for 16 innocent cats left in squalor in Long Island Home. Funds, Supplies and Homes or rescue Groups...Please Help!!! Please. These cats need US...NOW!!
Two women, Patty and Roseann are Trying to do all they can. Funds, Supplies and Homes or rescue Groups...Please Help!!! Please. These cats need US...NOW!!

UPDATE-  To be clear-so far 2 people who do some rescue work are trying to manage this. The smell of the house is overpowering, the cats are all frightened and confused, we (patty burkhart and rosanne malusa) have no funding for supplies/medical/boarding. We will trap,s/n, snap test all cats for any approved foster or rescue. ***we are pleading for help for them****** we need to get them out before the family pulls the plug. We are taking turns going to the house to scoop/replenish litter. Neighbor is feeding. We will be posting a fundraiser as already the costs are mounting.

Update day 3- 3 out (2 adopted, 1 in boarding) ***one li rescue*** offered to take 1 or 2. Please, we need more fosters. We cannot pay for very much boarding.

Update- day 2- no offers of rescue. No local foster offers. 2 cats pulled out for medical reasons. We cannot help them without assistance. Please continue sharing. Thank you for the much needed donations of food and litter.

LI, NY 2/2/15-***Emergency**** fosters and donations needed. 16 cats were left in home when owner was taken away to long term hospital stay. Neighbor has given dry food and water- but no litter. Neighbor attempted to get help, but not one person would help until she threatened to call tv news. Long distance family instructed her to **** open up windows and let them go**********

What do they need?????
  • sharing....please share on your pages
  • foster.....if you could ****just take 1 cat *****, or ask a rescue to please take 1 cat
  • supplies.....litter,canned food, dry food
**amazon wish list link to ship donations:


Patty Burkhart and I do not have a rescue. We do not have a shelter. We're doing what we can manage, but at some points we will not be able to do any more. If a rescue could just take on 1 each, it might save their lives!!! PLEASE HELP US HELP THEM!!!!!!!