Sunday, September 28, 2014

Miami, FL: Dedicated Rescuer needs help for Shadow and herself

Aimee Lonczak was my right-hand in rescue for a good long time until her health issues and those of her Dad intervened... Now she needs some help saving Shadow - a dog she pulled under my contract six years ago from Miami-Dade (2008)... Shadow has had a history of illnesses from day one and has overcome them all in great part thanks to Aimee and her daughters' care and strength.

He is a member of their family. Aimee has a heart of gold. She had to fly out at 5am on an emergency flight TO NJ as her Dad has to be hospitalized again. Not a good sign. And this with her health poor and two elementary school girls. This is her story - in her words - and I KNOW every word to be true.

I have attached a photo of this sweet boy who continues to fight the good fight and deserves to be well. We are a village in rescue - and right now Aimee needs our village to help out - wherever you are. Thank you so much.
Shadow is now back on IV and injectable antibiotics.
Kathy Papresq, Miami, FL

From Aimee...
Shadow was rescued in November, 2008 from MDAS. He was a matted mess and no one wanted him covered in fleas and ticks which is the normal for there. I was away and I remember having him brought to my house and my maintenance man let the puller put him in my house until my foster could come and pick him up. Lo and behold, my husband came home first and was shocked none the less to find him there and me in N.J. He was a surprise for my Ava who use to walk around with a Schnauzer statue bigger then her.

Shadow has had his fair share of medical issues since being broken out of jail in MDAS. He has a heart murmur and cataracts. Then, one horrible night Shadow got so sick in the middle of the night, he was vomiting, had diarrhea, and was foaming from the mouth during the night so he was rushed to the vet where it was touch and go, only to be hospitalized for over a week and diagnosed with HGE. Shadow came home on special food and medication which was quite costly. We were on a good road and then another set back right before Christmas. It broke my heart to watch my Ava cry in her cereal hoping he would make it. 10 days later, my little fighter made it and came home to us! We have had very many smaller setbacks, but he kept fighting.

In June my dad almost died and I had to be in N.J. to take care of him for 7 weeks. While at my dog sitters, Shadow got sick from another dog. After many antibiotics, blood tests and a culture, we got the worst news ever - Shadow had Ecoli. I opted to treat him instead of put him down. The I.V. and the antibiotic injections where killing his liver and kidneys, he cried for my daughters. He had to be locked away from them because he was communicable to them and the other dogs, yet he fought it and won… only to have continued onset and explosions as we kept fighting another culture. He is Ecoli free now, but now he has Phsdomonis a bacterial infection. More antibiotics.

Today yet another explosion. Shadow needs more treatment. I have spent upwards of over $1000.00 and still have have a balance of almost $1000.00 and that is with my Rescue Discount. He still needs more treatment. Shadow has not given up his fight and I have not given up on him. He is eating very well. He’s active, alert and playful. He still has a lot of life left in him, so if you are able to please help him that would be very appreciated.

I know times are hard, if anyone can give up that one cup of Starbucks it will make all the difference to him and my daughter Ava. Over the years, I have tried my best to help so many animals all over the U.S.  I have fostered for many of you, pulled and transported for many, and let so many others use my contract to pull under. I have even had to be the bad person and come and pick up some animals for some of you who weren't able to send angels over the Rainbow Bridge with my two little girls.

My reputation does stand for itself. My daughters have spent many hours sitting in MDAS with me to rescue and save so many innocents, like the Distemper outbreaks in the 100 degree weather; they sat in my truck for hours. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Donations can be made directly to the vet:

Just Paws Animal Hospital
11210 Pines. Blvd.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Sept 25, 2014, Long Island, NY
PLEASE HELP THIS LITTLE BOY.... he lost his dad and now his new family is giving him up.

Spotty is a 3-4 year old male, Rat Terrier, neutered, UTD on vaccines. VERY smart, obedience trained, housebroken and loves to cuddle. He is afraid of strangers but with the right family, one who is willing to take the advice & instruction of Spotty’s trainer things will be fine. There was a problem in his current home with one of the family dogs, but gets along fine with the other one. So testing would have to be done if there is already a resident dog.

Our suggestion would be either a couple or a family with kids 13 years old and up. We don’t know how he is with cats, but given his breed we would feel more comfortable with a home that does not have cats. Although we prefer an adopter immediately, his currently family is not giving us much time so we need to move him ASAP, so we are desperately
seeking fosters as well.
Please help him-he is so confused as his senior Dad moved into a facility‎
and he had to be re-homed and this family adopted him but is now giving up
on him.

For more info please contact Melissa of Pioneers For Animal Welfare Society
at <

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Long Island* Shar Pei Thumper Girl NEEDS a HOME!! SHELTER NEXT.

Thumper lives in a Trailer Park with Dad, who must give her up as he's moving.
Can't let this sweet Girl go to Kill Shelter OR Any!
She does have a skin condition that needs treating...Thumper is only 3. Gets along with dogs and cats. A great doggie. Please Help Her!
Contact Merrie Gordon
347 538 1659

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


The kind woman who found this beautiful, FRIGHTENED cat cannot afford to have him vetted...

Sept 3, 2014 - Brooklyn, NY ~ We need help with vetting and HELP with find safety for this poor "FREE CAT".
Contact:  Trudy

From the woman who found him:
Desperately need help finding a foster or permanent home for this fella. I found this guy on my way to work this morning, locked in a cage on the street with a sign that says " free cat", frightened to death. I could not walk past him and ...not help, people are cruel and I couldn't let anything happen to him. I desperately need help with just a foster or if you know a great person that wants a cat... He is super sweet, and loving. He is clean, well fed, litter trained and obviously was a house cat. I have no room in my
apartment, he is the bathroom, but I can work with a group to get him placed if he has a foster home. He showed no aggression toward my dog or the kitten I am currently fostering. I am located in Brooklyn, in Prospect Park Lefferts Garden between Lincoln Rd and Parkside, still looking for placement