Friday, August 29, 2014

Long Island, Mastiff Buddy is Losing His HOME!!! MUST FIND FOSTER or HOME before Sept 9...Family MOVING!!!!!!!!!

Buddy, who loves to play hide and seek with his toys, is losing his home, headed to a shelter.... please help this giant teddybear find a new family. 
This dog will NEVER make it in a SHELTER...NEVER
August 28, 2014 **SHELTER BOUND***
Long Island, NY ***URGENT***

Buddy is a 5 year old, male, neutered, Lab/Mastiff mix and up to date on all shots. He is not good with cats and is good with other dogs. Very affectionate, very friendly and very obedient and he is very good with children. Buddy is a love and would do well in most situations. He is a big guy weighing in at 120 lbs but in his mind, that is just more to love. He loves his toys especially tennis balls and he loves to play hide and seek with his toys. He is petrified of thunder and fireworks. He needs a permanent home and a foster as of 9/10/2014 as his current owners are moving and cannot take him with them. He is in Long Island, NY.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dover, PA - August 19, 2014***Left Behind by “FAMILY” Who MOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abandoned, left behind -- headed for a shelter any day now, please help find this boy the loving home he deserves. 

This LB (Lost Boy) was left behind when his owners lost their home and moved away. He is in desperate need of a home or foster or he will be shelter bound. He is about 8 yrs old fixed. Great with cats, other dogs and loves people. Pls this is urgent! The girl caring for him can't keep him any longer and wanted to take to shelter today. Pls pls share and if you can help pls call asap 717-870-9545 thank you so much. He is in Dover Pa.

Transport Available to APPROVED HOME

Friday, August 1, 2014

UPDATE Long Island, NY*** Brindle Mastiff/Terrier Butterscotch -Family Must Surrender...AGAIN!!! Please Read Update!

August 1, 2014  ***LONG, ISLAND, NY ***
Update on Butterscotch AKA NALA
She was seen yesterday, July 31, by  Dr. Seltzer an outstanding Dermatology/Allergy Specialist at VMCI ( Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island)
Due to the lack of follow through in the past year by the adopter, the dog MUST be attended to PROPERLY going forward in order to get her on track and feeling better! Despite everything this dog is an angel with wonderful personality. Loves dogs and kids!! The vet hospital fell in love with this Happy, Sweet Girl!!!
We MUST find a foster or HOME for Butters ASAP....someone who will be willing to do what it takes to save her...there is NO going back to a shelter for she WILL DIE there...
A very kind and generous woman paid the vet bill yesterday in full...we are waiting for the cultures to comes will then be known what type of anti-biotic to give...then the allergens will be that point shots must be given daily ( at home) for one month. Her ears need to be medicated, she needs to be bathed with special soap and she will be on special food for life. She is TWO.
Sound overwhelming??????????? I know that there ARE people who have dogs/cats with allergies...I know that there ARE people who do what it takes.
If we don't get this dog into the right care and quickly the vetting yesterday will be for naught.
*****Additionally costs going forward to get this dog on track WILL BE PAID to a foster or home....Sponsorships are being offered already.
NOW* NOW* NOW*     Contact Trudy
***PLEASE consider Fostering or Adopting Butterscotch before she becomes another sad statistic...
We Have No Where to Turn Now...
Let's Save this dog....PLEASE