Sunday, May 25, 2014

NYC** Bengal Olivia and CHIP are ORPHANS* Son will take to KILL SHELTER May 29

Here they lie on all they have left of their MOM....Her suitcase.

**Heartbreaking SUITCASE STORY*** Ideally we want a HOME rather than a cage...
May 25: If this PHOTO doesn't SCREAM "HELP US", nothing will! Olivia a Bengal (3) and Chip (3) are now ORPHANS....Their Mom's son CAN'T take these Kitties (His girlfriend is allergic)...SO he WILL be taking them to a Brutal KILL SHELTER by May 29... Healthy and Desperate...Recently vetted and had dental! Can WE HELP Olivia and Chip before they land in HELL on Earth???? NYACC Contact <> Karen Meierdiercks

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Wilmington, NC: Ernie, slight vision impairment but all sweet beagle boy

Ernie is a 6-7 yr old beagle that is the sweetest guy. He's neutered, up to date on shots, housetrained, crate trained and heartworm negative. Ernie was picked up as a stray by the Pender County Animal Control in Burgaw NC. He was pulled by volunteers minutes away from his inevitable death.  He was placed in a temporary foster home, but this home  is coming to an end very soon.

Ernie is visually impaired due to corneal scarring in his eyes. He has no problems seeing, gets along just great. No bumping into chairs for this guy but he does have the visual impairment. He gets along wonderfully with other dogs, people, children, we are unsure about cats.

There has been some out of state interest in him but we have not yet heard back from the person, so we have to continue our campaign to find Ernie a home. He is so gentle and easy going and just a happy little guy. We need to find his forever home soon.

Thank you for any help you can offer.  

Leslie Eyster
Wilmington NC

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Emporia VA: Landlord insists no more dogs - 3 still need to be rehomed.

Please help these little angels. They are precious dogs caught in the middle and their Mom is desperate to find them new and loving homes.
*From LaRita: Hello. My name is LaRita Simmons and I live in Emporia VA. I recently reached out to Ms. Nansee In North Carolina to rehome my dog Roxy and a lot of you all responded. I have 4 other dogs who are also rescue dogs and they are also inside dogs for me. My landlord has informed me that per request of his father I'm going to have to rehome them. Therefore it would mean a lot to me if someone could help me rehome them with a family that's going to love them as much as I did when I rescued them. (2 of 5 have been rehomed, 3 still needing your help)

(above) My baby Smoke: He's a Pomeranian. I fell in love when I first saw him. Smoke has had his shots as well. I have had Smoke since 2008. He's a laid back quiet dog. He don't like to play or run around a lot he just like to chill and be him. He was recently hit by a car about 7 months ago when I went away on vacation and a coworker kept him for me. She let him out to go to the bathroom with a leash on a busy street. The car didn't literally hit him but it took all the fur and scraped the skin off the top of his back. He is very fragile. I did take him to vet to find out there was no broken bones or internal bleeding.

(right) Diesel: He's 5 years old so the vet told me. He too has had all of his shot. He's an Australian Cattle Dog. He don't interact with kids or other dogs. He is very loyal to his owner and very protective. He is very strong and very loving. He too is a house dog.

(left) Smokie: This is the baby of the bunch. I have only had him 10 months.  He's a Lab/Dominion Pincher mix. He has been tested for worms, had his rabies shot and suppose to go back to vet in 3 weeks for another shot. I really hate to see him go. He's so spoiled. He haven't learned the technique of jumping yet. He's just my big clumsy baby.

Contact LaRita: