Monday, November 25, 2013

Booneville, NC Blue Heeler/Beagle being surrendered. Family moving north without him.

Rascal is a YOUNG 6 yr old adult, male dog that is thought to be a Blue Heeler/Beagle mix. (He plays and acts like a puppy. He has a lot of love and life to give). Contact information below.

They have sold their home and are moving North and cannot keep him. I have met him. He is a very sweet dog. He is house trained, crate trained and adheres to a underground fence. He does fine with other dogs and is ok with cats. He is good with kids and loves women. He likes men too but has given on occasional delivery guy a hard time. 

He is neutered and UTD on vaccines and preventatives. He is on 4health dog food and seems pretty healthy from what I have seen. 

Would you know of anyone that could give this guy a home? The owner wants nothing more than to give him a forever home. But he needs to be moved pretty quickly. I am going to post to others so please let me know asap if you are interested.

Thanks. Sherry Azelton
Second Chance Animal Rescue of Surry County
P.O. BOX 324
Mt Airy NC
(336) 756-3635

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Atlanta, GA: URGENT. JASPER. Needs a home. He is In north Atlanta but can be transported

Update: This boy is going downhill quickly in boarding. 

Help !!!! Atlanta area.  But he can be transported !  I STILL HAVE NO HOME FOR Jasper !!!!  This boy is going downhill quickly in boarding.  He desperately needs a foster or a home. Or even another rescue who can find him a good home.  Please share for him. Picture and info below. 

Sweet Jasper is giving up, please help us find him a home for the holidays.
This sweet dog needs a home as soon as possible. He's in a boarding facility but is not doing well at all. Please can you help this precious dog?
Contact Joan

*From Joan: Jasper needs a home. He is in north Atlanta but can be transported.
Rescue friends, can you please help me? Meet Sweet Jasper. He was pulled from a high kill shelter in the south and saved just in time. He is a 2 year old Pointer Lab Mix male and is absolutely gorgeous! He is totally vetted, heartworm negative and neutered. Very sweet. Good with adults and kids and loves to run and play. Not sure about cats as the kennel does not have any. He is good with puppies and older dogs. Takes a minute with males but he's really very sweet. He is in a kennel in boarding and is going downhill being there. He really needs a home where he can bond and run and play. We are willing to transport him to another rescue if necessary. But he really needs foster or adopter or rescue to help him get on his way to a real life! He so deserves it. Please share and give him a home for the holidays. Thank you
Contact Joan Locher with Paws & Stars Animal Rescue for more information. Put Jasper in the title. Thank you!
Joan Locher
Paws & Stars Animal Rescue

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Virginia: 7 year old blind poodle unwanted by owners

Cute little 7 yr old blind poodle going to the pound because the family got a new puppy.....
If you can foster please contact
The owner has a new puppy and no longer wants this boy. He will go to the shelter  if a foster isn't found.
He is 7yo, blind, ~12 pounds, playful and gets along with everyone.  He is afraid of loud noises.

  Contact : Kimberly Sharp
(Kimberly is not the owner - she is trying to help.) 

Catawba County, NC-- STILL IN NEED--NOBODY HAS SHOWN INTEREST, 5 babies from cruelty/neglect home---need rescue placement

This will break your heart. These 5 poor little dogs have endured a life of misery. Please help rescue them asap, they only have one more day, no one has shown any interest yet.
Dogs taken from neglect/ cruelty situation…. All of these dogs came from the same residence. They need rescue placement by 11/19.


Rocco and Tippy were in a dog lot that had no door or way into the pen. They were only being thrown food through the fence. They were not being fed regularly were skinny when we got them. They are very sweet but a little shy at first. Rocco weighs about 35-40 and Tippy weighs about 30-35.

Cruco and Chico were in each tied out by ropes with no shelter. They are very skinny. They are shy at first meeting. Cruco is more shy than Chico. We do not believe there was a lot of interaction between the owners and the dogs on the property due to the lack of care. They were not being fed with any regularity. Cruco weighs about 30 and Tippy weighs about 30.



Poor Mickey was the worst of the bunch. He would not stand up and was extremely weak. When he got to the vet he had a temperature of 98.9 and weighed only 25 lbs. He was severely anemic. The vet stated that due to these factors that had we not stepped in, he would have not survived the night outside in the cold. He is making slow progress but is continuing to improve. He is good with other dogs. He is a quiet boy that will need time to recover from his physical neglect and emotional neglect. Poor thing acts as if he has not had any positive interactions with his “family”….basically laid at the end of a chain waiting on food. L

Contact: Jennifer Sigmon
Catawba County Animal Services
100-C Southwest Blvd.
PO Box 389
Newton, NC 28658
Phone (828)464-7686
Fax (828)465-8918

*Pensacola, FL: Out of Options and Totally On Our Knees!

11-21-13 She has a foster!
Precious stray will have to face the shelter tomorrow unless rescue steps up, please help us!! 

Beautiful, sweet girl, house trained, perfect with other dogs and loves people, Pitties are always the ones who get the raw deals although they are the best and sweetest dogs, and great companions and family members. Please help this girl before she goes to a kill shelter THROUGH NO FAULT OF HER OWN and gets killed. Please make contacts and help, we cannot live with this girl getting killed for lack of help.

CONTACT IS: Kelly Wieczorek

Help, last chance!! I've posted before but am out of options. I found this sweet girl in my yard a few weeks ago, took her to the shelter, and then picked her up when she was going to be euthanized. I picked her up hoping someone could take her but everyone has backed out so far and I am running out of options. She is a pit, approximately 5 years old, very sweet, potty-trained, and knows a few tricks but I have an old little dog at home that has become very aggressive towards her and I don't trust them together. The pit just gives her kisses in response but I don't want my dog to push her, and we don't have the house or a fenced-in yard capable for such a dog.My husband has been working from home since last week to take care of her but leaves on a business trip Wednesday so if I don't find a home by tomorrow she will have to go back to the shelter. I did get her shots on Saturday but she tested slightly positive for heartworms. I am willing to help pay for the heartworm treatment if someone will take her in. Please help if you are able.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

OZONE PARK, QUEENS, NY: A desperate plea from a fellow rescuer!

A Fellow rescuer is being forced to move and leave many outdoor cats that have come to depend on her. She's begging for help with feeding or relocating these precious animals.
*From a concerned animal lover: I have been in touch with a LOVELY, KIND, DEDICATED woman for about 3 years now...she lives in Ozone Park, Queens and feeds MANY, MANY, MANY cats outdoors...they are fixed!
Mary has NO ONE to help her feed now as her ONE &n ONLY helper is not well and cannot continue...IF ANYONE LIVES NEAR OZONE PARK, QUEENS or knows someone who does...PLEASE contact Mary Rossello
She is truly DESPERATE and I fear for her health now...and these kitties have come to depend on their meals…

This is the note I received tonight: Nov 16
"Trudy I'm in trouble here. Big trouble. I need help desperately with feeding. I'm spending over $1000 a month on cat food and now my 75 year old co feeder is done. She can't continue. I don't have another cent to give to buy any more food or time to feed anymore cats than I already do. These poor babies depend on us. She helps feed 3 nites a week 9 cats. It's too much for her. I’m in trouble. I'm in terrible debt and need to move away because this house is being sold. Have to find someone around here to take over at that house. If you have any contacts on Facebook please do ask out there for these beautiful cats who need help. I'm in so much trouble here. I'm barely Getting to work on time. I can't go out anymore at night or on vacations and I'm worn out and my health is failing all for these cats. I've lost friends and family doesn’t understand. And most of all I am financially ruined. So if you can reach out somehow but I know no one will want to do this. I've tried to get help with just one nite and no one would. This is a terrible prison I'm in here because I love the cats. God help us with this. Thanks for any help you can reach out for. They are all gorgeous sweet cats.”

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jacksonville, FL: Adorable wheelchair dog needs a new home

Can anyone help this furbaby ? Please network.
Contact is Melissa Vanaman.


I have a dog that was adopted from the humane society. He is paralyzed and is in a wheelchair. He is loving and caring.
I can no longer take care of him without an income and he is being locked up for 14-16 hours a day.
This breaks my heart to see this and feel he needs attention he deserves.
I contacted the humane society and their were unable to take him. If there is any way possible I need a place for him to go.
Thanks, Melissa

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NE VIRGINIA_Bonded Seniors Need Home ASAP! Will be euth'ed end of week!! Please share for these two!!

11-18-13: These two little souls still need a place to go. Please don't forget about them continue to network for them.


*From Mary: RECENT UPDATE: We have also discovered that Mia is most likely deaf and dear sweet Ralphy has mast cell cancer. I've been balling my eyes out all day. They will not have the tumors surgically removed because they still do not think he is adoptable. I looked it up though and if it is stage 1 or 2 and the tumors are completely removed he has an excellent chance of pulling through and the cancer not coming back. This is almost too much for my heart to bear.

You can contact me any time. I can usually respond within a few minutes.
Mary Weber

Video clips from our visit to see Mia and Ralphy last Monday:

THIS IS THEIR STORY:  In early August, I pulled two loving seniors (a 12 year old pittie mix named Mia and a 9 year old corgi mix named Ralphy) out of a condemned, abandoned home in my neighborhood. The owners of the home were heroin addicts, one was in the hospital for an overdose and the other was incarcerated for robbing someone at our local Wal-Mart in Martinsburg. They had three young girls under the age of 12--they were
picked up by relatives or placed in a foster home. But no one was there to take

Friday, November 8, 2013

Stone Mtn, GA $1,000.sponsor UNBELIEVABLE ABUSE & NEGLECT (Rope around neck)

UPDATE:  This dog was caught on Wed 11-6 and is at Gwinnett County AC. The man that has the property the dog was either dumped on or ran away to, who called AC after he and his staff couldn't get near the scared baby without him running, has pledged $1,000 to the reputable rescue that saves him and properly cares for him. Please share for that rescue as well as additional pledges as this dog will not only need good and no doubt costly vet treatment and time with behavioral experts as he/she? is terrified of people given the likelihood this was a bait dog. According to article dog needs out by Nov 12. 

Hope then despair -- the images show it all. Please help this neglected dog find the loving home that he deserves. Urgent situation.
We only have limited information. If you have questions or would like to help, please contact Mr. Tobias at his email listed below. This needs to be handled discreetly so that the animal doesn't suffer. Do NOT contact unless you can help save this dog. Please don't leave negative comments or replies. We don't want this post to backfire and wind up hurting this precious dog or the person who is trying to help him.


Nov 6, 2013: "He has a rope around his neck and injuries. Animal Control came out this morning but was unable to apprehend him. He ate all the food, drank water and slept on blanket where he still lays.

One of our employees almost has him comfortable enough to come close. I will pay $500 if you all could come get him and take care of him to prepare him for adoption to a good home. Any suggestions?"
Jeffrey L. Tobias, CEO
The Potter's House Family and Children Treatment Center Inc