Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chase City, VA - 2 puppies left in woods in VA....need homes and vetting

As of 10-22-11:  These sweet babies are still looking for permanent homes, but they are being loved and cuddled while they wait.  Rabiah told us "they have not found homes yet..still looking to place these babies..they are the sweetest cutest pupppies.. i named them ongee and buddy.....(buddy is the tan and white) ongee means angel...thanks for any help!!!! She added "they truly are precious and sooooooooooo sweet..they will not get big at all..they have little feet...and great puppy breath..."  Now, how can anyone resist them?
SOMEHOW SURVIVED AFTER BEING DUMPED IN THE WOODS! *From Rabiah: These two precious babies were dumped in the woods and were rescued by a man that brought them here this morning..they are both really underweight and wormy... i am taking them to the vet with me in the a.m. to have them checked and get them started on shots... hogan gets his stitches out tomorrow am....both pups are friendly and very playful..we are so full here we really need to find them a home...they are so little i cannot believe they survived...the man that brought them here said they had been out there for almost a week as he heard them crying..he was finally able to locate them and bring them here...any help would would be appreciated...please contact me if you can help or cross post if not...  thank you in the spirit of the animals, rabiah
WHERE ARE THEY? Blue Horse Mukwa Equine Retirement and Rescue Center, Chase City, VA
HOW CAN YOU HELP? contact Rabiah at

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Luna needs your help -- She needs surgery to survive

Lovely Update from Jaime at Bullywag: " Luna went to UGA on Monday 10/3 at 12:00 noon for an evaluation. They sedated her so they could see the soft palate and how much was lapping over her wind pipe and then went ahead with the surgery while she was sedated. She was released on Oct. 6 and she returned to our home where she is being fostered."
Luna needs more medical work. She's gone from being thrown in the street as dead and paralized to pneumonia. Now, she has an elongated palate, which, if not corrected, can cause her to die. Please help this lil child of God's!!!! LUNA'S STORY: Luna needs more medical work. She's gone from being thrown in the street as dead and paralized to pneumonia. Now she has an elongated palate, which, if not corrected, can cause her to die. Please help this lil child of God's!!!! CHIPIN: Some of you may recall our "Luna" from a previous chipin. The purpose of this chipin will literally save her life. Luna has had a cough/gag for a while now. She had pneumonia, so we thought it was a result of that. But after several antibiotic treatments and still coughing, we decided to do an xray. Xray revealed some sort of obstruction in her throat area. During another appointment our vet decided to...

Horrible Situation - 8 year old Cocker Spaniel left in a house by herself

Wonderful news!  Allie Rose is staying with another family member temporarily and will soon be reunited with her mom!
This is such a sad and very urgent situation for this precious dog caught in the middle. Please, please help if you can.
WHO IS SHE? 8 y/o female cocker *From Nicoletta: I  need to find a home for a precious Cocker Spaniel named Allie Rose, she is being neglected unfortunately due to d ivorce and the break up of a home. She resides with my ex-husband, I had to leave the home for my own safety and could not take Allie with me due to housing restrictions where I am now living. She is in Jupiter, and I had to move to Boca Raton, my ex-husband is now in jail and Allie is alone all day and night. My 84 year old Father -in -law stops by to feed her once a day, and walk her. He is not able to take her in due to pet restrictions where he lives. Allie needs to be cared for by a family again, she is so adorable and wonderful, is there a chance you can help to find her a home?  PLEASE SHARE / CROSSPOST!
WHERE IS SHE? Jupiter, Florida
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Call Nicoletta Maffei, offic : (561) 845-3342, cell: (561) 371-4679

L.A./Devore, CA shelter-Little Pom-Chi needs rescue ASAP -many animals held only 5 days there

Precious little dog won't take up much room. Can you give him a home?
WHO IS HE? A505892 is an adoptable Pomeranian Dog - male, tan and white Pomeranian and Chihuahua - Smooth Coated.
Pet Harbor listing:
WHERE IS HE? DEVORE ANIMAL SHELTER, 19777 Shelter Way , San Bernardino, CA 92407
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Call the shelter at (909)887-8055

NJ shelter - Sweet 4 yo Cocker needs a new home

WHO IS SHE? *From a concerned friend: Hello.  A co-worker of my husband's contacted me about trying to find a home for Stoli, a 4-year-old buff-colored cocker spaniel (photos attached).  Stoli is spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations, including lyme, and negative for heartworm.  Apparently she is not "getting along with the toddler in the house" (an 18-month-old little girl that tends to sit on the dog and chase her).  There have been no actual bites but a few snaps.  Stoli's owner is also expecting another child.  Stoli is otherwise very friendly and affectionate and brings toys to new visitors to their home.  She is housebroken and knows her basic commands - and is not an escape artist like my cockers. Stoli is okay with other dogs but is guardy of her food around them - not people. Stoli is currently in a shelter, Noah's Ark, in New Jersey but her owner wants to "get her out of there" and place her in a home because there have been no inquiries about her. She sounds like a nice little dog that would do well in an adult home or a home with older children.  As someone with 2 cockers, it sounds like she is very typical of the breed - sweet, affectionate, not crazy about being sat upon and concerned about her next meal. 
WHERE IS SHE? Noah's Ark, NJ
HOW CAN YOU HELP? If anyone needs additional information, please contact me at

Cottageville, WV, Sarah-- Please crosspost and help Sarah find her retirement home

WHO IS SHE? *From Petfinder: Sarah is a senior citizen, but a sweet girl who needs to find a place to live out her life. She's at least 6 years old, maybe older. She came in with a skin irritation, but she is being treated, responding well, and feeling better. Sarah weighs about 30 pounds and was a stray. She was such a nice girl while she was in the lobby for her photo op! She'd try to "talk" to everyone, especially if they had a treat in their hands. She would be a great family member, and she wouldn't ask for much! If you have a spare doggie bed, or an empty easy chair, or even a a comfortable rug by the fire, Sarah would do just fine. All she needs are a comfy bed and a soft voice and loving pats on the head. Can someone help Sarah?
WHERE IS SHE? Jackson County Animal Shelter, Cottageville, WV
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Shelter at 304-372-6064 or Email Jackson County Animal Shelter

Friday, September 23, 2011

Harrisburg, PA Senior Cocker at shelter needs foster or forever home

Fred...formerly known as Sam, has a wonderful new home!

On 10/20/11, Vicki Powell wrote:
"Sam is now being called Fred, because we already have a Sam.... Fred is amazing. He is putting on weight well, getting along with everyone and yesterday was even romping a little - trying to play! His vet check was somewhat uneventful. He did have tapeworms and whipworms, so has been treated. He continues the lyme treatment and is receiving ongoing treatment for his eyes. It appears (from scars) that he has had masses removed from inside his eyelids more than once. He still sees in both eyes, but not well. He follows me around the house and seems very happy, as are we. My husband and I have two other VERY elderly dogs and we have a passion for them.

Fred loves blueberry Sammy Snacks (cookies) and chicken jerky and eats like a horse. I think at some point we will cross over from worrying about him being too skinny to having to watch his weight. You would not believe how he has filled out in the past couple weeks!

Bless his heart, help Sam find a home to spend his last few years. 
WHO IS HE? *From Zella: This is Same, a senior cocker spaniel that was brought in as a stray to the Harrisburg Humane Society.  He is shaved down because his coat was very matted when he arrived.  Sam is a sweet boy, and needs to get out of the shelter asap. The vet guesses he is at least 12 years old. A shelter is no place for any dog, let alone a senior boy. Can anyone offer foster or forever care? All he needs is a safe, warm, loving home to live out his remaining years.  Please contact me directly if you can help.  Thanks!  Zella
WHERE IS HE? Harrisburg Humane Society, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Zella at

URGENT!!! 2 Great Dogs & 1 Young Queen Bee Cat - MD - Please Help! Sponsorship available.

Pumpkin and Roxie have been rescued.  Louisa still needing a home.*From Jamie: I still need to find homes for 2 dogs and 1 cat and now the situation is ASAP. We have new renters for the kennel and they have let me keep the 2 girls there until the end of Sept to try and find them homes.
Here are the 2 dogs, both are fixed, completely vaccinated except for Lymes, kept up to date year round on HW/Tick/Flea prevention, passed puppy training class at Pet Smart, and come with a $200 sponsorship each. I'm looking for individuals and/or rescues to take these girls.
WHO ARE THEY? Pumpkin, Roxie and Louisa (see their stories below, click Read More)
WHERE ARE THEY? We're near Hagerstown, MD
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Jamie at

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nashville, NC: Please help Gunner find a home before its too late.

RESCUED!!!  He is safe, but still looking for a permanent home and family.
Nash Co Animal Shelter- Nashville, NC - GUNNER - BLACK LAB - WILL DIE VIA GAS CHAMBER unless rescued
This is Gunner. He came to the shelter as a stray. Appears to be full blooded. Gunner is 21 inches at the shoulder, Approximately 75lbs, and 6-7 years old. Gunner is very sweet and wants to sit in everyones lap! His hold time up Friday 9/23 at 3:15. This means his stray hold is up and he can leave the shelter on this day. It also means that he is at risk of being euthanized once the shelter runs out of room, which is usually within a few days.

If you can help, please contact Shelley Milburn at  I can assist with transport within a 1-2 hour radius of Nashville, NC which includes Raleigh/Durham, Greensboro, Emporia, VA, Fayetteville areas.  This shelter does not provide any vetting.   Please crosspost if you cannot rescue!

Roger....stunning Boxer boy, just a big ole GOOBER full of kisses! Stuck at Gaston AC in Gastonia, NC

Roger....stunning Boxer boy and just a big ole GOOBER. Fully of kisses! Stuck at Gaston AC in Gastonia, NC. FREE VACCINATIONS!
WHO AM I?  My name is Roger. I don't know why I'm here, but i sure would like to go home with you. We could have lots of fun and I'd be loyal and always love you. Name: Roger, Tag #5886, Cage # M9, Dog - male Boxer mix, brown/black coloring, 2-3 y/o; Adopt/Rescue/ Euthanasia Date 09/20/2011; ADOPTABLE(GOLD); Admitted Date: 09/14/2011; Area Pickup: MADISON DR, MT HOLLY
Gaston AC web listing:,D,M,A,0,,0
WHERE AM I? Gaston AC, Gastonia, NC
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact,, or if you can rescue, contact shelter directly at 704-922-8677 or 704-922-8678 (8:30am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday) Emergency Calls other hours: 704-866-3300

Sunday, September 18, 2011


*From T: Cat and fowl rescuer passed away this week. Many cats, ducks, geese, chickens & turkeys in immediate need of temporary or permanent housing. Assistance also needed care-taking and transporting animals. We are especially desperate for food donations and help with vet expenses. Please respond if you can offer any assistance. WE NEED FOOD AND OUTLETS FOR THESE ANIMALS IMMEDIATELY. Has also left a disabled family member behind who was dependent upon him, so the situation is very desperate and funds and help are needed. No money was left to even cover cremation or funeral costs for this individual who sacrificed everything to help these animals and so many others. Please help someone who has helped so many others.
Will miss you my friend... I owe you so much. You rescued me too. ~T
ChipIn: Gilbert, AZ

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chase City, VA - Saving Nickee -- please can you help?

UPDATE: "nikee is still available..he is currently being boarded ..he is a sweet loving boy...we thought he had his forever home and had an approved app on him, but the person never showed up...:( He weighs aproximately 45 lbs and gets along with everyone.....male and female dogs and loves loves loves people....."Rabiah
WHO IS HE? Nickee *From Rabiah Seminole: This sweet friendly boy was going to be shot and a kind hearted man saved him... he is now at the Mecklenburg County, Virigina Animal Shelter. He is healthy and really loving. If you can help this guy please let me know right away as he does not have long... we are desperatly trying to find him a rescue or a home... we are full... or we would take him in a heart beat. He gets along with other dogs and is very calm.... I pulled his tail and looked in his mouth, pressed on his paws and he was not concerned at all. He appears to be about a year old and has NOT been neutered... please lets help this boy!!!! cross post if you are not interested....DO NOT CALL THE SHELTER PLEASE.....they are working with me and i want to keep an open relationship!! thanks for understanding!!!
WHERE IS HE? Chase City, VA
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Rabiah Seminole, Founder/Director at
Blue Horse Mukwa Equine Retirement and Rescue Center,
You should only get even with those that have helped you, 757-439-4206

Friday, September 16, 2011

L.A., CA shelters - 2 male poodles -- cute as buttons, one needs lots of TLC, both need homes

Update!  Each of these babies has been returned to their owner, so they are out of the shelter.
They both need someone to love them. And the Black and white little boy looks a mess, but just wants to be loved. WHO ARE THEY? White Poodle: Impound Number: A4339803  Impound Date: 9/14/2011  Sex Male  Primary Breed: POODLE MIN  Age: 2 Years and 0 Months  Location: CARSON  Cage No.: C216 216 W. Victoria St.Gardena, CA 90248 (310) 523-9566
Black/white Poodle mix: Impound Number: A4339842  Impound Date: 9/14/2011  Sex Male  Primary Breed: POODLE MIN  Age: 1 Years and 0 Months  Location: DOWNEY  Cage No.: D407 11258 S. Garfield Ave. Downey, CA 90242 (562) 940-6898
WHERE ARE THEY? LA County: Downey Animal Care Center, 11258 S. Garfield Ave.
Downey, CA 90242
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Call shelter at (562) 940-6898 to arrange help for these sweet dogs.



WHO AM I? I hope they feed me some good food here.
I am very very thin.  I need some good vitamins too.
My pull fee is paid, that i know
I am a male, brown and white Chihuahua - Smooth Coated.
The shelter staff think I am about 9 years old.
I have been at the shelter since Sep 13, 2011. ID# A505103
Pet Harbor listing:
WHERE IS HE? San Bernardino County - Devore Shelter, CA
HOW CAN YOU HELP? For more information about this animal, call: lrobertt - pull fee paid San Bernardino County - Devore Shelter at (909) 887-8055 Ask for information about animal ID number A505103

L.A., CA shelter-Sadly, no response for Colin and Karlie, two shelter favorites, Video below

WHO ARE THEY? A1208759 Colin 5 year old shepherd mix & A1224867 Karlie 4 year old Lab mix Meet roomies Colin and Karlie. Colin came in as a stray on 4-29-11 with a lil beagle. The beagle got adopted but Colin is still here, he likes other dogs and people and loves to play in the yard and go for walks. Karlie came in as a stray on 6-23-11 , she loves the water as you can see, loves people and likes other dogs! She does better with dogs her size and can be bossy sometimes, but after a walk with another dog she is their bestfriend, they have been roomies awhile. Colin is red listed he has been here since april, If you are looking for 1 or 2 great dogs please call us asap!!! Both dogs deserve a loving home : ) ! Please check out their video!!!
WHERE ARE THEY? West Valley Animal Shelter, LA, CA
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Stella Sullivan (818)756-9325 shelter or  (213)305-8981 city cell (818)756-9111 fax, Days off  Friday and Saturday
*From Paula: Hi, It's been a while since we circulated the email plea for Karlie and Colin.  These two are absolutely wonderful and we love them very much.  We are still holding on to the hope that either wonderful families or rescues will come for them.   Colin has such sweet, soulful eyes and he's very gentle. He comes when called and knows how to sit :) Karlie LOVES water. Good luck trying to get her to go to the inside of the kennel when you have to hose it down, it's play time for her! When she's not soaking in water, she loves to just lay next to you for some belly rub! LOVE these two!  Thank you again for all your help!

Ellijay, GA - UPDATE! 1 Left, 23 lb. Pregnant Hound!

Little mama was rescued in September!!

DOES ANYONE HAVE ROOM FOR THIS SWEET GIRL???  2 of the 3 Pregnant Dogs were pulled with the help of Homeward Bound, Day's Den and Save A Litter Pregnant Dog Rescue. She's the last of the 3 and needs rescue.
WHO IS SHE? A sweet 23 lb. pregnant hound girl to save from Gilmer County Animal Control!!!
WHERE IS SHE? Gilmer County Animal Shelter, 4152 Highway 52 East, Ellijay, GA 30540
HOW CAN YOU HELP? CONTACT: NATALIE WAGNER (Shelter Director) at 706-635-2166 or:
NOTE:  Animals can be held w/ rescue commitment! Call or email the shelter! Many Dogs/Cats Need Out ASAP! IMMEDIATE RESCUE NEEDED/RESCUE FRIENDLY!  PLEASE CROSSPOST! This shelter usually euthanizes on Mondays. They are closed Sunday and Monday - leave message or email shelter if you can help. The shelter is located 1 hour and 25 minutes north of Atlanta , GA - about 81 miles. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Merced/San Joaquin Valley, CA shelter-Special dogs at Merced shelter-transport offered for 3 adorable dogs!

SO LITTLE CHANCE BECAUSE OF THEIR BREED, CAN YOU HELP THEM? *From Dana Dulaney:  I don't usually ask for help for our pits because there usually isn't any, but out of all the pits at the shelter, there 3 are special.  I am begging for help for them....we will be happy to transport if you can help one or more.   They have all been here over a month and have escaped the pts list beause they are so nice, but they shelter has been beyond capacity for weeks and their luck is going to quickly run out.   PLEASE save these special dogs, they don't deserve to die just because of their breed......please e-mail me at or call me at (209) 606-3045.
Thanks, Dana

(top black w/white chest) Marty Feldman - 086455 - male pit. 18 mos., 70 lbs.  Marty is a sweetheart who know hows to sit on command and has a great personality.   His vision is fine, but  he is cross-eyed which only adds to his character.

(middle reddish brown) Virginia Mayo - 802386 - Am Staff female -10 mos., 30 lbs.  Virginia is another great dog that is quickly going to lose her life if not rescued. She is a total sweetheart, submissive, gently takes treats and loves belly rubs. 

(bottom w/blue collar) Blue pit female - 085348 - 2 yrs. This girl has been her since July 25, a testament to how sweet she is....can someone please save her?

Long Island, NY- LUCY must be adopted ASAP or she will need to be returned to the shelter!

East Meadow, Long Island -- Senior Dobie/Rottie Beauty!
Meet “Lucy”
Long Island, NY ( Transportation Available)
**Rescue Needed to Save Her from Returning to Kill Shelter**
Doberman Rottweiler mix.(colors of a Rotty, body of a Dobie)
9yrs old and HEALTHY!!! Spayed…She is great with commands.
Great in the car. Loves kids. Fine with dogs. Super, Super Sweet.
Great for a family that is active and loves car rides with the family dog(s)!!!
Totally Housebroken.
She was taken home by a volunteer b/c she could not bear to see this amazing dog killed, however, she must be adopted ASAP or she will need to be returned to the shelter! That’s the story!  CONTACT Marie: phone: 516 884 0156

Monday, September 12, 2011

Beckley, WV - No time left for Blondie and her Pup in this Gassing facility

RESCUED!!!  The shelter had no further details, but they are safe!
PLEASE HELP Blondie and her Pup. There has been no interest shown in either of these sweet babes. Look at their precious faces. Today may be their last day.
WHO ARE WE? My name is Blondie. I'm not sure why I'm here and they told me my little girl pup is here too. Please, please help us to find a home. Even if I can't go, please take my little girl. I promise you we would both give you so much love and be wonderful companions.  NAME: Blondie, female Spaniel Mix, maybe 2 or 3 y/o; medium sized, housetrained. Blondie's Pup - female spaniel mix
WHERE ARE WE? Humane Society of Raleigh County Inc., 325 Gray Flats Road, Beckley, WV 25802 GASSING FACILITY
Blondie's Facebook listing:!/photo.php?fbid=257342117631041&set=a.206932219338698.55350.206931369338783&type=1&theater
Blondie's Petfinder listing:
Blondie's Pup's Facebook listing:
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact: Jim at the shelter 304-253-8921 or

URGENT!! This shelter got in 30 dogs late last week, so many dogs to lose their lives on Monday. Please rescue or at least share with any connections you may have.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Douglasville, GA - No one came for poor BLIND Magdalene... They Left Her There!

WHO IS SHE? *From Pat: Poor blind MAGDALENE (ID# 4665) came in as a stray. She was microchipped, so her owners were contacted. They did not want to come to get her, however. Magdalene is a sweet older girl who lets you pet her once she knows you're there. She deserves a home where she will always know that she is loved and protected -- never again knowingly left behind.  Please help MAGDALENE!
*Pull and local transport available for licensed  Georgia  rescues*
WHERE IS SHE? Douglas  County Animal Control, 1755 County Services Road, Douglasville, GA 30134 Tel/770-942-5961 Fax/770-942-5914  Business Hours:  Monday: Closed to the public but rescues welcome
Tues - Sat:  10 AM - 5 PM

OC, CA shelter-ALERT! 11 yr old male min-pin came in with rope for leash!

Such a sweet sad face. He deserves to spend his senior years in a good home. If you can't help, please share this little boy wherever you can. 
WHO AM I? I may be older, but I still have a lot of love left to give you. And I'm small so I won't take up much room. Please come take me home with you. Name: Unknown; Pet ID: A1119775 ; male, black/tan Min-Pinscher; 11 years old; Kennel 218
WHERE IS HE? OC Animal Care Center 561 The City Drive South Orange, CA 92868
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact or phone 714-935-6848 

L.A./Carson, CA shelter- Sweet bullseye boy needs your help

This sad bullseye dirty, hapless, scared, kissable boy in super high kill shelter has no chance w/o YOU! :( Such a sweet sad face.
WHO AM I? I don't know my name, but I promise to give you love and loyalty if you just give me a chance.
Name: unknown; Pet ID: A4337737; male, Pit Bull; 7 years old; Cage Number C103; Impound date: 9/10/11
WHERE IS HE? LA County: Carson Animal Care Center, 216 W. Victoria St., Gardena, CA 90248
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact shelter at (310) 523-9566. Please do not contact us via e-mail regarding animals available for adoption, as messages may not receive a response within 24 hours.

OC, CA shelter - PIPER, little beagle mix boy, only 3 yrs old

Won't someone please help this scared little boy find a good home?
WHO AM I? I'm Piper and I'm not sure how I got here, but I'm really scared. I promise to be a great dog and give you lots of kisses if you take my home. Name: PIPER; Pet ID: A1119057; male, white/brown Beagle mix; 3 years old; Kennel 347
WHERE IS HE? OC Animal Care Center 561 The City Drive South Orange, CA 92868
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact or phone 714-935-6848

Thursday, September 8, 2011

UPDATE: Time is of the essence!! Please Help Gracie Belle Stay with Her Loving Family

 UPDATE: This family received an eviction notice and must be out of the apartment in 72 hours. 
Please Help Me Keep 
My Dog Gracie Belle
About me: I am a single mother on disability with a limited income currently living in Dallas, Texas where I have zero support. I am moving out-of-state on September 12th so that my 3-year old son can live closer to his father and I will have some support. I will be staying with friends temporarily until I can afford my own place. I am unable to take my dog Gracie Belle to where I will be staying because they already have their own dogs. I am desperately trying to figure out a way to keep my dog so that I do not have to give her away.

CHIP IN: I have set up an account for Gracie Belle so contributions can be made.
FACE BOOK: To find out more about our story and why I love Gracie Belle so much, you can friend her under the name of Help Gracie Belle (
CONTACT: Emails can be sent to
Click the READ MORE link to learn more about Gracie Bell and her family.

Please help change this sad story to a happy one for little Chip, a paralyzed, almost forgotten doxie.

WHO IS HE? Chip is a 6 y/o dachshund, UTD on all vaccines, neutered and special needs (paralyzed- needs expressing) that was neglected for most of his life.
WHERE IS HE? Connecticut
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Toni Diamond if you are interested in adopting. or call her at 856-498-8166.

Chip has the saddest face and eyes I've ever seen. They speak volumes and tell the story of a life that has been very heartbreaking. He is not demanding, he is grateful, he wants nothing more than LOVE.

CHIP'S STORY: Chip is six years old but I don't believe there was any time that life was easy for him, even before he became paralyzed. His life in a home with a family did not last long because when he fell off the couch and became paralyzed, his family did not want to keep him.  He was posted on Craig's list and quickly found another home - but that home also was short lived.  In only a few weeks he was posted on Craigs List again because his care was more than this person had bargained for.  And, so Chip was picked up by a rescue from North Carolina and placed in what they believed to be a great foster home in Queens, NY.  The person who fostered
Chip collected money monthly from the rescue for his care....he was a paycheck.  Little love or caring was provided.  Details about his existence would only break your heart- so, we will only post the obvious;
1.  Chip was never vaccinated in the two years he spent with ...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yonkers, NY: Prince needs rescue by Sunday 9/11, surrendered because owner is terminally ill.

PLEASE HELP THIS FRIGHTENED BOY FIND A NEW HOME.*From Leslie: Would you consider helping a cocker from NY? he is 2 years old and was surrendered because of a terminally ill owner...he will be pts on Sunday unless I find a rescue...the shelter is very crowded and the dog is terrified...he is definitely getting better than he was 3 weeks ago and He has  always been dog friendly. He is cage aggressive, probably because he is afraid. He is walked by a staff member who has no problem at all, he is ok with dogs. He never bit anyone. He is definitely getting better, but the shelter is so crowded, they can't keep dogs who have any issues. Thanks Leslie McCauley. Yonkers shelter
WHO IS HE? His name is Prince, 2 yrs old, male Cocker Spaniel; special conditions: he has to go to a rescue,not directly to an adopter,someone who knows cockers
WHERE IS HE? Yonkers shelter, New York
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Email Leslie at

Monday, September 5, 2011

L.A., CA shelter-LAST CALL FOR JOYOUS HATTIE! video below of the happiest dog ever

WHO IS SHE? HAPPY HATTIE Hattie  (A1239684, just a year old, 52 pounds) is as happy as they come.  The only problem is -- she's in ISO with URI!  Hattie is actually 90% lab  --  though her photos here just don't show it  (black dogs are so difficult to capture).  She's the physical fitness queen at the shelter, begging for someone to run with her, to take her to the beach so she can chase the waves.  She hasn't hit the gym yet but, with her HIGH energy level, she'd be up for trying.  Originally kenneled with another dog, Hattie is now alone.  She wants to PLAY, is a bit dominant, but can take other dogs jumping on her as well without flinching.  Hattie would do well with some etiquette training, no doubt.  Don't let this dynamic girl die.  Visit her at the shelter and see if you aren't bowled over by Hattie.  Here's her video :
WHERE IS SHE? South L.A. shelter  3612  11th Ave.  L.A.  90018
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Call shelter at (213) 485-0117 or -0119. Please let me know if you have questions  --  or better yet, adopt or rescue as people always...

Beckley, WV-Tiger's IS GOING TO BE GASSED-Urgent

WHO IS SHE? TIGER-Pit Bull Terrier Mix, Medium • Adult • Female • Prefers a home without: dogs • Primary color: Brindle PETFINDER LISTING
WHERE IS SHE? Humane Society of Raleigh County Inc., 325 Gray Flats Road, Beckley, WV 25802
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please contact Jim or Nicole at 304-253-8921 or via email at
*From Natalie: This shelter has no formal rescue program (as we are currently the only rescue that takes dogs from them on a regular basis....) and no screening for adopters (sadly) - you just pay the adoption fee for the dog ($35 and includes a DHLPP shot) and vet him/her yourself ----- our group has an existing relationship with a local Vet that you can contact, Paws and Claws Animal Clinic (304-763-0103).
No euthanization dates are provided for the dogs...but they are killed as the kennels fill up, and with any more dogs coming in, they will be gassed.  ANY help you can provide is greatly appreciated!
If you can help, please contact Erica ( or Pam (, volunteers in that area who can go to the shelter...


30 CATS AND KITTENS NEED YOUR HELP. Go to  to view all available cats and kittens. If you see a cat you can rescue, please call the shelter at 540-775-2120.  KGARL is able to help transport animals if you are a rescue group and have your paperwork on file at the shelter (see #3 below for details). Reasonable transport may be provided upon request, but very long distance transports (more than 70 miles) will be your responsibility.  King George Animal Rescue League (KGARL)  is able to help with pull fees, vaccinations, and transports (~70 miles).  Please pass their photos and info onto rescue organizations that you may know who could save them.  When doing so, please pass on all information included in this email, including the rules for adopting/pulling from KGAC.  PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS UPDATE WIDELY! If you need to know more about any of these animals, please contact Vicki at...

Friday, September 2, 2011


*From Mary: Buddy loves to be scratched behind the ears. When he is inside he lays right next to the air vent in the kitchen. He takes his medicine extremely well (it's always wrapped in a piece of cheese). He loves raw hide chews and being around people. I really think he would do best in a home where he is the only male dog. This may be because he is still in tact or just because he is used to that situation. He is very good about going outside. He knows that when we leave he has to go out and that he also sleeps outside. We can't leave him inside as much as we want to because he and our male dog do not get along. He is improving so very much. He is taking his HeartGuard monthly slow kill pill as well as 20 mg of prednisone once a day. The situation with our male dog, Charlie, and Buddy seems to be heightening. I have to find Buddy a home as soon as possible before a fight happens with not so good results.

WHO AM I? My name is Buddy. I found these really nice people who tried to find where I came from, but noone seems to be looking for me. I was kind...

Baltimore, MD: Ruby, a 10-year-old blind Cocker Spaniel in need

RUBY STILL NEEDS A HOME, PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN. *From Sherry, on behalf of the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance: We have been contacted by Ruby's owner for assistance in placing her in a loving home. At this time, we have no available fosters, and I'm reaching out to you in hopes you may help. Ruby's owner is facing great difficulty in caring for her and she is becoming overwhelmed. She calls us daily with tears and concerns. For this reason, we have deemed Ruby's placement as urgent.  If you are unable to foster at this time, can you please point me in another direction? I have included Ruby's information below. If you are able to foster, I will forward the owner contact information. Thank you so much for your time. -- Sherry Willoughby, Intake Volunteer, Blind Dog Rescue Alliance WHO IS RUBY? Female (altered); Cocker Spaniel; 10 y/o; Blind WHERE IS SHE?

LA,CA: Rudy 6 yr old Belgian malanois/Sheepdog- gentle giant - Owner wept as he left him there.

*From Linda:"He needs love!  He's large but gentle and he needs love!"  Those were the words that Rudy's owner wrote when he relinquished Rudy to the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter on July 19, 2011.  He was ill and could no longer care for his 6 yr. old Belgian Sheepdog.  How heartbreaking that must have been for him and for Rudy who now hopes that someone will see what a magnificent dog he is and want him for their own. VIDEO: WHO IS HE? RUDY #A1233080 - Rudy is a big boy weighing in at 96 lbs.  He has a lush, silky coat and his recent visit to the groomer brought out the shine and luster in that coat.  He is a breathtakingly beautiful dog who is described as being friendly with people, dogs and cats.  He loves people and is happiest when he can be with his human friends.  He is exceedingly gentle and well behaved in the play yard.  He loves to be brushed but more than anything he just likes to hang out. Rudy waits patiently for the special someone who will look at him and know that he is the dog for them.  He needs a forever home.  Please help Rudy!
WHERE IS HE? West LA City Shelter/ 310-207-3266/ Tues-Sat 8-5,  Sun 11-5/11361 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064   HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact or Samantha Westbrook, NEW HOPE COORDINATOR, 213-485-0494 / CELL  213-792-5811  MORE INFO ON THIS BREED